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Jesse backstage on The Tonight Show (Jan. 6, 2011) [x]


Jesse presents an award at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, November 29, 2010.

Interviewer: “Is it nerve-wracking to present an award show?” (x)

Interviewer: “What places do you like hanging out at downtown and around the New School and NYU? Do you have any favorite spots?”


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”[…] People take pictures of me on the street. I ride a bicycle in New York City on the street and my sister called me and said, “There are pictures of you on your bicycle.” and I said, “How could anyone take a picture on a bicycle?” I’m going so quickly—I don’t even stop at red lights, I go right through them, dangerously. And yet there’s pictures of me on the bicycle… This is very disturbing. I think I am no longer—everything I do now is in public. So, what I’ve started to do is always act, so every time I’m outside, I will always do something that looks awesome. So that if anyone ever takes a picture of me, I look great. Before I leave the house I make sure I look perfect.”


The Best of Jesse Eisenberg’s interview - TSN era

People have written mean things about me on the internet and—as a self-hating person—I didn’t want to contribute to that.
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