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  • INTERVIEWER: We have a long standing policy in the theater where we get really upset when people talk during the movie, so... you have any message for the people that are going to be coming to our theater?
  • JESSE EISENBERG: If it's a movie I'm in--I find it so distracting to watch myself, so if someone's talking and takes the attention away from whatever I'm doing, I would prefer it. Um. That doesn't help with your policy, though.
  • JESSE EISENBERG: No. So... okay. But isn't talking during a movie good because it gives it a community feel?
  • INTERVIEWER: Well, I think reacting to the movie is good--people laughing. What we're sort of against is carrying on casual conversation about laundry or what they're going to do after the movie, that sort of thing.
  • JESSE EISENBERG: Oh, I see. I don't know, I feel if people are talking during the movie about something that doesn't have to do with the movie, then probably, it's the fault of the people who made the movie. So I wouldn't blame the people talking, I'd blame people in it. Right? I mean, my job is to make the situation realistic enough that it holds the audience's attention. And if I haven't done that and they're talking about something else, then... they should probably ask me for their money back.
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