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One of the things I like about acting is that it gives me a release. I have a lot of anxiety but doing a movie like ‘30 Minutes or Less’ allows me to get all that out during the day. After 14 hours of shooting a scene where my character is facing a life-or-death situation, I can finally sleep at night. When I’m not working, I have no release for that anxiety. It’s difficult to sleep.

I’m in therapy multiple times a week. So I’m encouraged to be honest. When you’re in therapy and forced to divulge information and deal with things constructively, it allows for more open and honest relationships. And bigger phone bills. But that’s the healthy way to deal with things. In this movie, when the guys finally have this fight, it opens them up to have a real relationship. Luckily, we both weigh half of one man, so it was not a very painful fight. It was over quickly.
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